Bright Primary Lighting


Key features:

14.4W LED Strip

LED144 is perfect for applications which require high levels of illumination. Comparable to the output of a T8 tube, this strip can often be used for primary lighting.

Part Code: LED144-12V-IP20-27K, LED144-12V-IP20-3K, LED144-12V-IP20-4K, LED144-12V-IP20-6K, LED144-24V-IP20-27K, LED144-24V-IP20-3K, LED144-24V-IP20-4K, LED144-24V-IP20-6K, LED144-12V-IP65-27K, LED144-12V-IP65-3K, LED144-12V-IP65-4K, LED144-12V-IP65-6K

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