LED Tape – LED48SF

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4.8W Super Flexible LED Strip
The Z style PCB on the LED48SF allows the strip to achieve flat bends without damaging the strip or having to solder in a link cable.

Available Options


3000K White
4000K White
6000K White

IP Rating




Technical Specification

Part Code LED48SF-24V-IP20-3K 
Ip Rating IP20
Voltage 24V DC
Wattage 4.8W / m
Width 8mm
Height 2mm
Lumens 3000K 330lm / m
Lumens 4000K 370lm / m
Lumens 6000K 400lm / m
LED Chip 3528
LEDs Per Metre 60
Cutting Increment 100mm
Maximum Run Length 10m
Beam Angle 120º
Working Temperature -10ºC to 45ºC
Average Illumination Time 30000 hours
Warranty 3 years

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Colour option availability based on IP20 or IP33 version of LED ribbon. IP65, IP67 & IP68 versions may only be available in a limited selection of colour options shown.
Lumen outputs are depicted at the maximum level during testing under optimal conditions. Actual levels may vary depending on a number of external factors.
While we do our best to maintain colour consistency this may vary between batches. When ordering repeat items we cannot guarantee that the item supplied will be from the same batch as previous purchases. All purchases made at the same time will be supplied from LED ribbon of the same batch.
Average illumination times are based on LED chip brightness reduction to 70% of the original brightness under optimal conditions. External factors may decrease illumination lifetime. Illumination time does not reflect the expected wear of other parts used to manufacture the LED ribbon, which are covered by warranty.